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Our main focuses on helping businesses grow...

Employee Training & Certification Membership

Your employees will have weekly access to over 80 proprietary pre-scheduled LIVE online training sessions. This will allow them to master the skills that you require. This will also help them apply current and new skillsets to their work which will help improve their performance on the job and their effectiveness for you year-round.

Professional Development Coaching & Mentorship 

Coaching activities, both individual or in a small group, are aimed at enhancing an individual's performance in their current role at work. This will help increase their effectiveness and productivity at work. 

Small Business Workforce and HR Planning  

If you're a small employer who wants to know how to effectively attract, hire and retain dependable, qualified, high-performing employees, without all the guesswork and all the frustrations that set so many businesses back, I can help you put systems in place so you’ll stay in compliance and be able to easily and consistently find and keep the best employees long-term as your business grows.

Online Appointments

Career development coaching and consulting in English & Spanish.

    30 Minute Small Business Strategy Session

    If you're a small employer who wants to know how to effectively attract, hire and retain dependable people then this is the session for you. I will help you take the guess work out of finding and developing qualified and high-performing employees.

    That means you can forget about the guesswork and frustrations that set so many businesses back. I have the solution you’ve been looking for.     

    Set up your private, one on one call with me. Click on the apply now button.

    Win-At-Workforce Annual Training & Certification Membership 

    If you are searching for an easy program that gives your employees the vital skills they need to keep and excel at their job, then I can help.

    If you’re tired of employees not meeting your performance expectations, then this membership delivers the solution you've been looking for. It’s easy. It works. And anyone can do it.

    Ask about our NEW course catalog today.

    Individual Employee Training and Masterclass Onboarding Session

    If you want career advancement, increased wages, better benefits, and, more freedom, you’re in the right place. I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned in 35 years with hundreds of employers.

    This one step will empower you to make the same moves I've made. With this training, you could potentially double or triple your income.     


    Schedule your meeting with me or my staff immediately to get started.

    Spanish Appointment
    Sesión Individual de Formación y Masterclass

    Si lo que desea es un avance profesional, un movimiento ascendente real, un aumento de los salarios, los beneficios y la libertad, está en el lugar correcto para avanzar rápidamente. Te voy a enseñar todo lo que aprendí en 35 años de formación para cientos de empleadores y podrás hacer los mismos movimientos que hice yo y que ahora enseño a duplicar y triplicar los ingresos de mis estudiantes.


    Programe una reunión conmigo o con mi personal para incorporarse y comenzar. Tu vida va a cambiar cuando te enseñe todo lo que sé y te muestre cómo ponerlo en acción en tu vida, tu negocio o tu carrera.

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What are our participants saying about the Job Skills Club?

"I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent in the JOB CLUB workshop! The Job Search Objective worksheet was very helpful in identifying the kind of job I like, the qualifications I have, what I can do better, and what future goals I have for my future. Thank you, Celia!"

Jessie J Gutierrez

"The most important thing I learned is that finding new employment is a process in itself with a process that requires planning, work, and persistence. I took my first steps into looking inside to realize who I am, to know what I love, and figure out what I really want for my future. I received a referral that will assist me in my dream of starting and succeeding in my own business."

John Sendrey - Veteran

"I learned that I was looking for a job in the wrong way. I was looking for a job just so that I could pay rent and bills, but after today’s workshop, I realize that I need to invest in my future. I have to review my job experience and be prepared for the interview. I was walking into interviews, not being prepared for it. I want to take the skills assessment, so I can really know what I am proficient in."

Lizeth Rodriguez

"It was an amazing session. I was encouraged to brand myself, to review or do an inventory of my skills, to access my achievements and how to be positive about my job search."

Sharon Lewis

"I’m extremely happy to have joined the club. To be able to express out loud, sharing what I want and love was amazing. I was able to express myself so well, and I didn’t think I could before. No more holding myself back. I’m looking forward to next week! I believe I learned more about the skills that I have, things I didn’t think I was able to add to my resume. Like the other workshops that I attended with Celia, I feel more inspired to do a lot more than take a simple job or even want to work for an employer. I now see myself starting a business soon!" 

Patricia Cruz

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"Industry Certified Instructions" 

Our instructors are accomplished professionals who average 26+ years of experience. Your employees and your business will benefit from our expert instructors who have industry experience. 

WIN At Work

"First-rate Courses” 

Develop and build the skills you need in your workforce by accessing First-class professional skill development instruction and facilitation that improves job performance job satisfaction and creates the desired job competencies that bring excellence to your workplace.

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Founder/CEO of:

Latin Business Institute 

Job Skills Institute

Award-winning Educator 2021, "Top

100  Leaders In Education" by the Global Forum For Education and Learning

Winner of the 2018 Trailer Blazer Award from the National Latina Business Women Association- IE

Best Selling Author ~Latina Empowerment Through Leadership 

State Director for California ~National Association of Workforce Development Professionals

“I have known and worked with Celia for over 15 years. She is a well-established and professional Latina businesswoman and active community leader in Southern California. The leadership style of "Servant Leadership" fits Celia to a tee. It is my pleasure to submit this recommendation on her behalf. ”


Gilberto Flores

Partnership Specialist at U.S. Department of Commerce