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Any position or responsibility delegated to Celia is always accomplished to its' fullest in content, quality, thoroughness, timeliness, and enthusiasm in manner. The caliber of person exemplified by Celia is sorely needed but not easily found. Any company or organization that contracts Celia is extremely fortunate.

Armando Estrada ~ Independent Human Resources Professional 

I've worked with Celia Garcia for 12 years, as a trainer, curriculum, program developer, and board member. Celia is an excellent communicator. She has a keen ability to engage her audience and is a master in building rapport in order to teach, and transition her students. She's extremely positive and able to transfer her knowledge with passion and purpose. The results I've seen are impressive and the shift in mindset and purpose of her students is remarkable. She has a gift, is always prepared, compassionate, and intentional. I would definitely include her in our upcoming programming. 

Nina Craft ~ Ph.D, MBA Founder and CEO for Vision Focus and Award-winning digital legacy strategist